We are appealing for your help to support the young participants we work with. Imagine a world where your daily experience is abuse, neglect, domestic violence, child sexual exploitation, global conflict (young refugees), and bullying. This is the reality of the young people aged 10-19 we support.  Many also experience severe poverty and are reliant on food banks.  Several have recently self-harmed, or have attempted suicide.  The pandemic has created a perfect storm. Through the complex challenges of trauma, they are in real danger of losing their childhoods.

That’s where Theatre Troupe comes in:  through community workshops and schools’ projects, we bring the magic of theatre to those who can’t access any of the activities other children take for granted.  We dance, design, act, sing, and write, making hope and joy a reality for those who have so very little of it.

We have been incredibly fortunate to receive funding from the Maudsley Charity, Charterhouse Southwark, Cicely Northcote and Team Bridge London for our projects, but we urgently need your help to keep Theatre Troupe’s show on the road and reach more young people than ever before.

With regular monthly donations, we can be flexible in our approach to outreach giving us the strong infrastructure we really need for our team to reach out to those who need it most.  Can you donate £5, £10 or more a month to support us?  We have set a target of raising £10k in regular monthly giving for 2022.

We would love you to DONATE HERE and help us reach more young people who desperately need our safe intervention, through the magic of theatre.  Together we can help give them a safe place to be themselves!  #JoinTheTroupe

With all best wishes

Emily & Rachel 

Emily Hunka (Founder, Artistic Director) & Rachel D’Cruze (Executive Director)