Our Workshops

Theatre Troupe workshops can be adapted to a variety of different formats, although our work uses the same tried and tested structure. We:

  • work with a maximum group size of 15 young people
  • employ a trained workshop team, including an HCPC registered therapist
  • work with ages 9 to 19
  • offer a young person a place on a project for up to one academic year
  • offer regular opportunities to share work with invited audiences

Read on to find out more about what our workshops involve.

1. Creative Drop-in

Young people can arrive at any time during this first part of the workshop; we understand that Theatre Troupe members are travelling to us from different places and might find it difficult to get there at a specific time. During the Creative Drop-in, participants can:

  • Take part in a visual art or making activity, led by our Visual-Artist Therapist
  • Enjoy healthy refreshments
  • Listen to music
  • Chat with trusted adults and peers
  • Relax in our ‘Safe Space’ – a cosy corner with cushions and blankets

2. Check-In

Once everyone has arrived, we bring the whole Troupe together to see how everyone’s doing.

3. Theatre-Arts Workshop

This part of the workshop takes the form of a variety of exercises (depending on what we’re working on), such as: drama games, improvisation, devising, character work, clowning, movement, creative writing. This part of the session could also take the form of a workshop run by a visiting professional artist with expertise in, for example: dance, spoken word poetry, photography, digital arts, or circus skills.

4. Creative Listening

At the end of each session, we make time for a few minutes of creative listening, where Troupe members can come together to feed back on their experience in the workshop.

Cultural Outings and Special Workshops


Artwork made by a Theatre Troupe member during a Dulwich Picture Gallery ‘Creative Taster’ workshop (magnified projected image from acetate slide)

As part of every project, we aim to widen cultural access for Theatre Troupe members, not only through working with our own network of artists, but also through theatre trips and visits to museums and galleries, for example.

If you’d like to offer Theatre Troupe a visit to or a workshop at your organisation, please contact us.