Our Team


Theatre Troupe workshops are supported by a fantastic team of trained staff and volunteers. This ensures that every single young person we work with feels safe, able to relax, have fun and be themselves, as well as creating work as a valued member of the Troupe.

Our Staff

Emily Hunka – Artistic Director & Co-CEO, Lead Theatre-Artist Workshop Facilitator

Rachel D’Cruze – Executive Director & Co-CEO

Oliver Campbell – Visual Artist Therapist

Our Volunteers

Specialist Volunteers

Specialist Volunteers are adults with a range of relevant experience and interests, for example: MA Arts students, trainee and qualified NHS clinicians, teachers and social workers. Specialist volunteers offer one-to-one support for young people throughout each workshop, and form part of a team of trusted adults that they can talk to.

Peer Inspirers

We’ve found that participants find it really useful to have the chance to chat to and work with other young people in the Troupe and our Peer Inspirers (peer mentors) are a vital part of what we do. Peer Inspirers are usually between 16 and 25 years old and have an interest in the arts and supporting other young people.