Our Ethos

Our projects, from the way we train and work with our staff and volunteers, to the structure of our workshops and our workshop team, to the selection of the types of exercises we use, are carefully constructed to have a profoundly positive impact on a young person’s life. Theatre Troupe is:


our-ethos-1-friendlyTheatre Troupe offers an alternative, creative community. This is particularly important for many of our young people, who have problems forming friendships, have attachment problems or who have experienced relational trauma.

For many, it will be one of the only times they can release the fear of being mocked, bullied, told off, judged or disregarded. With trusted adults and peers offering kindness and affirmation, Theatre Troupe members learn to trust each other and know they will be accepted, valued and celebrated for their strengths.

Friendships are formed, often for children who have experienced extreme loneliness and isolation from peers. Through the establishment of a safe, non-threatening space, participants are given permission to be themselves and to take creative risks, whilst allowing their focus to rest on being in the moment, having fun with other members of the Troupe, and becoming enveloped in an alternative, creative world. Members also have the opportunity to produce and share work with invited audiences.


our-ethos-2-joyfulAll children have the right to play, but for many of the young people we work with, this isn’t possible. In a violent house, play is too dangerous, in bedsits, or inadequate housing, play is too constrained. Some have had the playfulness of their childhood stolen through sexual, physical and emotional abuse or illness. Many children, particularly young carers, are forced to take on adult responsibilities.

Theatre is all about play: our projects offer escapism, happiness, physical exuberance and the chance to share laughter. Theatre Troupe is a place to enjoy some of theatre’s most playful elements – clowning, slapstick, comedy, masks and mime.


our-ethos-3-safeChildren who have experienced trauma often live much of their lives in anxiety, alert to a constant threat and in a state of hyper-vigilance, which is distressing and exhausting. We provide a safe, creative space, where there are trusted adults, including an on-site therapist, and peers to listen and talk to, fun activities to take part in and where everyone can relax.